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Hello my favorite guests to my corner. I thank you so much for your email and your so many questions to my humble mail box. Although perhaps the responses may not be published locally, I do know you do follow me from other publications. I have gravitated from the simple mundane column to a more highly structured column. Why? Well, the average gay is interested in the world, and his interests. Surprisingly this is not sex, well not always. There is politics, home security ( your love life ) Although, if you are in the young adult bracket of 18 to 21, that's all that interests Yours is sex baby honey...anyway it comes..But let me please say, not all of you fall in that category. Hey, please forgive me if I categorize some of you. I really do know, there are some of you that are so sincere and do want a person to love you and ya want to have for all your life....LTR Hell, we all want that. I'm assuming so. From the adds I have seen in sooo many personals.......we want security , love, companionship from both parties.......if I'm wrong.......shoot me!!!!!

OK...now that was one topic. Politics.....well, locally in the Dayton area we are on a hold. It seems the local representatives of our family, if I may use that, freely, are on a quest of subversion of politics. HEY! Who is doing what? You tell me...without your BS! Where is the money going? Who controls what? Hey! Do any of you question this?...It's your hard owned tax dollars going into these organizations and you don't question it????

Have I become a politician?

NOPE! But I can become your worst enemy, when I begin to question you if you hold a position that is federal or state funded. You better have substantiated evidence of finance. Numerous agencies are traveling on state and federal grants for the time being. It's called PORK BARRELING. What is this??? Well people....it's kinda payback for favors. Local state representatives and members of our congress of the US pass these favors in bills that are passed with attachments. Then you never know what greased your rear end. Well, they greased it for you! Well, ya never asked if it can be greased. Want some examples of state and federal wants and givings?? Just ask me or go into the net for both congresses! Hate to say it, you might be surprised where your money is going! Especially, all the overtime that ya worked.

Anyhow, hey, where as a community are we going? I mean the gay community! Have you seen any publications stating so? What's the agenda? What's the future? Do you as representatives really representing us? We really don't give a dam about the parades for gays or flowers for parade. What really counts is, powerful representative of the gay community in local, state and federal communities.

Can you as gay representatives, delegates, and paid pork barrels help?

Well....I'm using less dots and more ammo!!

Hope ya listen

This ...Michael=s Corner






























Hello my favorite quests. Welcome again to my corner.

Michael's Corner!

Here we are into a new month, February, and I thank you for all the e-mail responses to my humble column.

This is one portion that will be inserted into the Dayton Gay news. www.gaydayton.org

Since I have began this column there have been numerous changes within the verbiage and usage of my satirical satire and verbal abuse of many political oriented Christian organizations, and of course I have to also include our political leaders both local and D.C. based. I've been very kind and polite with these but the ammo is now loaded in my keys.

If you are in view politically, you are in my verbal gunsights with telescopic sights.

Dayton, Ohio is left with a financially quagmire by the outgoing mayor Turner, whom has stated he has left that office with a city that is financially secure. Then, the local citizens elected him as congressman elect. This city is very puzzling. Are the local citizens conditioned to numbness of political bullshit and then elect bullshit to represent them? Guess it seems to prove where Dayton stands! Why, even it=s school systems are so confused. The city has over the years has hired imbeciles to guide that system with imbecility. Why, they even paid these persons to lead them in that direction. Guess you know where to put Dayton. Apparently it's systems politically are bogged down with you know what. I'm not saying it's you go use your intelligence to figure that one out!

My sympathy to the present mayor. Guess who will get the blame for it all? It won't be that present congressman. He's Lilly white with white wash!

Then we have local agendas in Dayton supported by pork barrels. Why even the gay community has slid into this. Greased by fat, you all know what that is? Grants that subsidizes supposedly the gay local populace. WOW! Did I say that?

Check the record folks. It's all true. If the recipients are within this grant, how are they representing us? If they are in that grant and receiving a salary for this, how are they accountable for that representation? Where is the money being distributed?

Can anyone explain this?

Remember my dear people, you are paying for this. It's your tax dollars being used that hard earned money you worked your butt off for .all that overtime that is part of this porkbarrel!

But, of course, your not interested in all of this bullshit! It's only your money!

Oh by the way, you're probably asking, what is this porkbarreling? Well, this is a clever way politicians get money for their special deals. Let's say, congress passes a bill that OK's Dayton to have a museum for a local patriot. Well, attached to the end of that bill, which will go unnoticed to the public and will not be published, a large amount of money to support a pig farms. This is of course an example. Then guess what .the bill passes..Dayton gets it's museum and the pig farm gets it money!

ANDY..you paid for it! DUUUH!

Guess what? Ya just got your butt end greased! How does it feel?

So, know I can ask. Who represents you in the area of Dayton, Ohio or shall I say in any city in this US that receives money from Uncle Sam? Do you really know? I'll bet you that you don't! Ever give any thought to that?

The present federal government seems hell bent into carrying us into a war without representation or approval of congress or the UN. Hey, didn't we need the approval of congress to go to war? Guess not, since we have the present rogue leaders in Washington. In the eyes of European and Eastern nations, we are being seen as a rogue nation out of control with empty warheads in control.

Can you name me one person leading us to war that has been in the military and has seen war? Bush.a part time Navy pilot Powell.sorry to say, is just over ruled by his peers. Why he has even elected to leave the government functions when his term of office is over.. Hmmmm, wonder why Mr. Powell? Then, Cheny and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz hell, they never saw war or even served as soldiers and they are leading us to war? Hey you guys, would you please be in the forefront of the battle when it starts? I mean, be up in front on the battlefield leading us?

Guess that bible thumping Texas gunfighter is in control of the gunfight at the Iraqi corral. While those critters at the corral have been there for twelve years waiting for something to happen, the gunslingers in the African and Korean countryside have just been terrorizing the local populace and they haven't been just rustling cattle. Where have you been Marshall Dillon?

The US is not gaining allies. The war drums and stupid changing of foreign policies, reneging on many political treaties, Kyoto Protocol, the ABM treaty, International Criminal Court (where our leaders can be accused of world crimes), these being just a few, has embittered many European and Eastern nations.

Well, guess that is enough of my onslaught for this month. I just wanted all of you to read and understand where I'm going. I don't mind mistakes. I make many of them but I learn from them. If you make a mistake, and don't learn from them, I'll be there to verbally pulverize you.

This is Michael from Michaels Corner



























Hello again to my little corner

It's been so long since I've been here. Actually, I thought this whole thing was a pile of propoganda, or just shall I say bullshit with my column until I saw and looked and then saw these guys are for real. Gads, I'm so in awe! Anyhow, I'm still astonished with this gay bullshit!!....Oh my, is this me and not me using my usual dots........your dam right, I'm here and all fired up.


Ya know, I was going to say, fuck all this bullshit with Gay Pride. What is it going to get me or any of us in parading and going crazy any in this stupid city of Dayton? Can anyone tell me? But ya know what? I believe that parades are awesome, but power in a special way can be atomic. Absolutely explosive. Am I tweeking your nerves???? We have so many powerful groups fightings for us. Why don't we unite and become such a powerful group that can influence voting! Oh my, here I go again.......I'm becoming that dot gay person again!....


Anyhow, this is Dayton, and I live here. I've seen romances go sour and hot...hey we all get over it and we live! Life moves on....it doesn't care who you are.


Ya know what you guys? You are all cowards!!!! Ya hide behind that office, that fork lift, that pencil.......c'mon....admit it....YOUR GAY..........admit it, YOUR GAY!......however ya want to be in life, your gay!


Gads, sorry for my temper. I just get so angry with some employers that reject my gay friends that are in a relationship and reject that magical thing called " insurance " Anyhow, since this is on the WEB for gays........shit.......no one ever reads this crap..


And so if ya do com padre.....ya can BITCH!!!!!


Bitch to me!!Mi Amigo!


Have I changed from my last column? You bet dammit............


Well guys..... Here I am..........you judge me...... Gads I want to write so much!