Scott Edgar, co-host - producer

Anyone who meets me will probably just walk away confused. I tend to be in about 12 directions at one time, so I seldom have any opportunity to dwell on anything for very long--- a side effect of being part of the MTV generation. In addition to being a co-producer/creator of Queeries?, I am also involved with several volunteer organizations, work part-time for my hometown newspaper, am self-employed and try to lead an active social life. Some might call me a nosey, busy-body, but I would like to think that I am involved and concerned.

I have written for a lot of the gay press in the Dayton area, most notably as a columnist in GayDayton for two years. Sex with Scott was a Sex in the City style self-indulgent diatribe that attempted to bring levity to everyday life while teaching a lesson. Most of the time, however, the columns were just lessons in bad grammar. Such is life.

I have been with my co-host and boyfriend, Bryan Kimmet, almost two years total. We balance each other out pretty well for the most part. Except when I am being possessed by J-Lo, then nothing but Quaaludes can balance out my Diva-esque fits. We are the proud parents of Sasha Ilyana Edgar-Kimmet Van BeaverHausen, though she doesn’t know she is adopted. I didn’t want to ruin my boyish figure. The gallons of Ben and Jerry’s did enough damage as it is.

Overall I guess my goal in life is to be a dictator of a small country, or at least married to one. That or a talk show host, whichever.

Wait, what was the question again? I am confused.


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