Bryan Kimmet, co-host-producer

Well, itís finally here, a short biography about meó

I am not a native of Dayton, rather a transplant. Originally, I grew up in a small town in northwest Ohio called Van Wert. Dayton didnít become a home to me until I attended the University of Dayton for my Bachelorís Degree. Essentially I was a triple major while there, studying History, the Russian Language, and Secondary Education. Upon graduating, I attended Wright State University where I earned my Master of Arts in Public History; all that really means is that I focused on contemporary American history and was trained to be an archivist and/or history museum curator.

After receiving my M.A., I moved to Indianapolis for two years, and then, as the legend of Dayton will attest, I returned to Dayton, where I have lived since 1998. The legend of Dayton states that anyone who moves to Dayton or was born here, then leaves, will eventually return. Supposedly, the Miami Valley is in the middle of a power vortex according to Native American belief. One could possibly say itís not a vortex, but rather a black hole. Currently, I am using none of my degrees in my current occupation, which is in training. I work for a company that specializes in training individuals to use a variety of computer applications.

I have been together with my current boyfriend and co-host Scott for almost 2 years, which has been a rather interesting journey and continues to be so. On the show, I am pretty much the straight-laced intellectual/geek, as my sense of humor can attest. My special interest is in politics; one day I hope to work as a politician, a basic gadfly in the House of Representatives or Senate. I pretty much tend to speak my mind whether people like my opinion or not; wouldnít it be fun to see someone in politics calling fellow politicians out? I think it would, but that is probably nothing more than a dream.

Well, now that I have bored you enough with my background, feel free to email.


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